Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The One Room Schoolhouse stands out because we offer individual help for folk that want to start work on their genealogy. We also can help develop a collection of ancestor photos on the internet so all family members, present and future, will have access to these treasures. We have the knowledge and creative skill to help your family history come to life. We'll get you started. When you have the confidence to complete the work on your own, we'll cut the apron strings.

We also offer local history & lore. In our local history classes, learn about 18th century Louisville, as it was through: storytelling, timelines, power point presentations, and scavenger hunts. You will learn about early life in Louisville and Kentucky, transportation, first families, dangers, and beloved historic figures.

Creative writing opportunities range from writing your own tall tale, to mysteries, fairy tales, and fables. In your tall tale you will make a favorite family member the hero/heroine of your imagination. Our instructor will share the tools needed to organize and develop your short story. These classes are helpful to new writers as well as those who just want to fine tune their skills. We include tips on similes, metaphors, use of dialogue, and character development.

Poetry is offered to help you create your own poem for two voices. After a brief review of poetic form, you will be ready to create poetry that is best read aloud with a partner. The oral reading of a poem for two voices can sound more like a song than a poem. This poetry is perfect for a family reunion, birthday, retirement, or any other celebration.

All of these classes are fun and personal. Anyone looking for the chance to be creative in unusual ways will love these opportunities. Presentations can be brought to your organization or school. Check our website for class offerings. Individual help is by appointment.

(502) 759-5243 call for an appointment
Betty Southard Stokes, instructor

Classes: Genealogy, Local History, Poetry, Public Speaking, and Presentations